Eighteen knots is a comfortable speed when on a cruise. Yes, it’s less than 21 miles per hour, but cruise ships just don’t go that fast. So, a cruise ship at eighteen knots can cover 497 miles in a day. A 24-hour day. Still, when sailing into a good breeze, it can seem fast, even though people drive at higher speeds down my alley. (The Cutty Sark had a maximum measured speed of 17.5 knots, according to Wikipedia, and she was fast in her day.)

Kevin and Virginia Gilhooly are Cruiseaholics. (If you found this site from cruiseaholics.org, I was very surprised this domain was available, because we are not alone in this.) We are both Latitudes Platinum members at Norwegian Cruise Lines, we’re Black level in MSC’s Voyagers Club (thank you status-match!), and we’re always either on a ship or planning when we will be. Sometimes, we’re on a ship, planning when we will be on our next ship. It’s an addiction.

Kevin is even a Cruise Brothers associate, so he’s happy to help you plan your cruise adventure. Just contact kevin@eighteenknots.com for details.

Our first cruise was at Christmas in 2009. Virginia wanted to go away for Christmas, and Kevin refused to go to Orlando again. So, what to do? A cruise was a good compromise – out of the house, little chance of snow, not favoring either family. We had a long discussion before we went – how long should the cruise be? (Kevin wanted short, Virginia refused to go unless it was at least a week.) Where should we go? (Luckily, at Christmas, there weren’t a lot of options available – it was either the Caribbean or Hawaii, and Hawaii was much more expensive.) How do we not go out of Miami? (We found the Norwegian Spirit in New Orleans.) After our first trip, we started taking annual Christmas cruises. Then, in 2013, we took the Norwegian Breakaway’s inaugural cruise from Southampton to New York (Kevin’s idea of a proper Transatlantic cruise) and Virginia discovered that a cruise with only sea days was not such a bad thing, after all. So, now we’re doing Transatlantic cruises.

Bucket List Cruises

  • Panama Canal
  • Alaska (in plan for 2018)
  • Bermuda (called with Norwegian Epic in April 2017)
  • Round the Horn
  • Round the World

Cruise History (and Plan)

  • 2019 Dec – MSC Divina (Miami to Eastern Caribbean)
  • 2019 Feb – Norwegian Bliss (Miami to Eastern Caribbean)
  • 2018 Dec – Norwegian Breakaway (New Orleans to Western Caribbean)
  • 2018 Aug – Norwegian Bliss (Seattle Alaska)
  • 2017 Dec – Norwegian Jade (Miami to ABC islands – rerouted by hurricanes)
  • 2017 Apr – Norwegian Epic (Transatlantic – Port Canaveral to Barcelona)
  • 2016 Dec – Norwegian Getaway (Miami to Western Caribbean)
  • 2016 Sep – Carnival Freedom (Galveston to Western Caribbean)
  • 2016 Feb – Norwegian Jade (Miami to Western Caribbean) [with Mom]
  • 2015 Dec – Norwegian Jade (Miami to Western Caribbean)
  • 2015 Apr – Norwegian Epic (Transatlantic – Miami to Barcelona)
  • 2014 Dec – Norwegian Pearl (Miami to Southern Caribbean)
  • 2014 Apr – Norwegian Epic (Transatlantic – Miami to Barcelona)
  • 2013 Dec – Norwegian Jewel (Miami to Western Caribbean)
  • 2013 Apr – Norwegian Breakaway (Transatlantic – Southampton to NYC)
  • 2012 Dec – Norwegian Epic (Miami to the Eastern Caribbean)
  • 2011 Dec – Norwegian Pearl (Miami to the Western Caribbean)
  • 2010 Dec – Norwegian Dawn (Miami to the Southern Caribbean)
  • 2009 Dec – Norwegian Spirit (New Orleans to the Western Caribbean)