Norwegian Jewel

Around the World at 18 Knots

My wife and I decided to get away at Christmas a few years ago. After a bit of discussion, we decided we would take a cruise, since that was something both of us were interested in trying, and neither of us had ever done. We soon discovered that the “White” in “White Christmas” really meant white, sandy beaches. So, now we have annual Christmas cruises. Then, we managed to take the inaugural crossing of the Norwegian Breakaway from Southampton to New York. So, now we’re doing Transatlantic cruises, as well.

From that first experimental trip in 2009 to today, we have both become Latitudes Platinum Plus members on Norwegian Cruise Lines. The site has the route maps for our travels.

This site has gone through a multitude of changes over the years, in name. domain and in content, so I’m hoping this is its final home. (Mainly, I’m tired of learning different web technologies every couple of years, and I’m really tired of re-entering the GPS coordinates to map our trips.) So, the maps are all provided by Google Maps, and the data is all stored in my Google Drive. Hopefully, that will last a while longer than some of the other iterations – and survive the occasionally computer crash at the house.

Here is a link to the full-page Cruise Map, based on GPS readings I’ve taken on our cruises so far.

I have a highly sophisticated system of naming my GPS markers – two-digit year + X + marker number, so 13X01 is the first marker from our cruise in 2013. This system broke as soon as we had a two-cruise year. At that point, I realized the “X” was for “Christmas” (clever, no?) and I used “T” for Transatlantic cruises. This broke as soon as we had the vow renewal cruise in 2015, so I used “A” for “Anniversary”. (I’ll have to use “K” for Alaska, as in “AK”.) Hopefully, there won’t be any more, but I can see “P” for “Panama” eventually.

Kevin Gilhooly
Dallas, Texas and the Seven Seas