Our Cruises

I am a navigator at heart, so I tend to travel with multiple GPS units. (GPS, especially handheld, cheap GPS is what made an entire generation of navigator wanna-bes into virtual navigators. Plus, now your phone probably has one, as well. So, just because you can’t make calls doesn’t mean you can’t figure out where you are.) I’ve tracked all of our cruises, and then used Google Maps to mark where we’ve been. (I have a bunch of airports and hotels marked from all of my business travel, as well.)
My goal was to always be on a different ship or at least go to different ports, which we did for the first few years, but we’ve fallen off since then, mainly because we’ve found we prefer some ships (or classes of ship) and some ports. Plus, you can’t get everywhere in the Caribbean without your own boat, and I’m still working on that. In fact, we just did the same cruise twice in three months, so we’re probably officially off the rails on the original plan.

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