The Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, and I have two – one that is water-based and one that is not. In this case, we’re really only concerned with water-based trips, since that is the function of the site.

  • ABC Islands  partial completion 2015 (A-C), completed 2017 (actually sailed A-C-B but I’ll take it) – as far south as you can get without being in South America. Lovely islands, we’ll have to return.
  • Alaska (planned completed 2018) – needs two or three trips to cover everything, I think. This was Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway – some short port visits, but got a taste. Plus, saw glaciers.
  • Around The World – scheduling is an issue, looking at three+ months or more, and usually only offered once a year – at the start of the year.
  • European River Cruise – need to check the water levels first, or you may get an expensive bus tour
  • Freighter Cruise (wife has no interest, so scheduling is tricky)
  • French Barge Canal Cruise – why not sail on a boat you can out-walk?
  • Mississippi River Cruise – probably need to strike oil first
  • Panama Canal (planned 2019 2020 eventually) – full or partial transit, this seems really hard to schedule
  • River Shannon tour on LeBoat (self-drive boating cruise)
  • Transatlantic – have now completed multiple crossings, including Southampton – New York, the “real” crossing (as close as I can get to my grandad’s crossing to America from Ireland)